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You will discover dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence – a program so simple yet so effective, literally anyone can do it. Including you!

Lead instructor
Alan Courtenay

After several years of experience as a physical education teacher for the Board of Education and as a nationally certified personal trainer at different corporate gyms throughout NYC, I was tired of watching other members from the gym not getting the results they were looking for by joining a gym.

Throughout my career I've seen two kinds of people: those who think that merely paying a gym membership alone will give them the body they want, so don't bother going; and those who spend hours working out and don't see results.

It's frustrating to watch people fall short of their goals! And as a fitness professional, it kills me. Getting where you want to be simply requires proper exercise instructions and nutritional knowledge.

My philosophy is that everyone deserves a better body—and a better quality of life.  That's why it's my personal goal to help anyone and everyone with the desire to get the body they always wanted.

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